Home Interior Parties – Great For Home Decorating Ideas But Can One Make Money?

What Type Of Products Are Offered?The products offered by home interior companies may include such items as indoor and outdoor home decor products, candles and kitchen items. Also offered, are accessories such as silk flowers, paintings, photos and other items to beautify one’s home.What Are The Incentives For Hosting A Party? When one decides on which home interior company one would like to work with, one would contact a consultant to get started. The consultant will provide one with all the information needed such as a hostess kit, catalogues, brochures and instructions on how to begin one’s new career as a consultant.One will also receive information about special hostess gifts or discounts that they will receive for holding a party. For having a successful party there are other items one could earn, which are based on the total amount of sales from one’s party, and/or the number of their guests who schedule their own parties .Start Planning!One will decide how many people to invite to the event based on the amount of space they have for accommodations. One will also need room for product displays. There are different types of parties to host. Someone can have a home party with a set start time or an “open house” with a set start and end time. This allows their guests to come an go through out the day to accommodate their schedules. This way the consultant can invite more people because they will be coming at different times. Another type of party is a book party. This is where they distribute the catalogue to people who cannot attend, but who may be interested in placing an order.In review, becoming an home decorating consultant can be a way to earn extra income, while also beatifying their home. Some of the disadvantages of this type of marketing is they will be asking their family, friends and neighbors again and again to attend parties or buy home interior products. This can get a little annoying after awhile. But if one is the type of person that loves interior design and decorating, it can be a rewarding career. Just remember, it is always best to be doing something that you are passionate about.

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